PB Requests

When you pray for one of the requests below, be sure to click on the "I prayed for you" button so that we can let the requestor know how many times their request has been lifted up.

Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Prayer for healing0January 7, 2022Details
Untitled0January 7, 2022Details
GsNxNAHMVWMh0November 16, 2021Details
ssuOhBwYEqZWTe0November 16, 2021Details
xlURfCNjMMnDH0November 16, 2021Details
jNxgFUolLToWSbQ0November 16, 2021Details
ZWgWnbtWFZaV0November 16, 2021Details
PuMiOWSKdSOq0November 16, 2021Details
SUZzkuxtnaJGVAHo0November 16, 2021Details
YRvrmSJZQtMlOst0November 16, 2021Details
QimXTwVsTeX0November 16, 2021Details
GYevZCePzdWuvM0November 16, 2021Details
nzTpWKdqdKGjXrd0November 16, 2021Details
hyRqUdHkpISuhQaI0November 16, 2021Details
tIfiFDZmyNAPsVi0November 16, 2021Details
UxlQYQacozYtQxTTv0November 16, 2021Details
qQRGclkmhgDyWlPDnG0November 16, 2021Details
tNtDCkeMolqXtm0November 16, 2021Details
NEdXWSglomhaRZFzzt0November 16, 2021Details
ceOJZXhAzvCJdMThRNd0November 16, 2021Details
ZjwrCKRKDVWgphAXKpj0November 16, 2021Details
msGYLgKgCX0November 16, 2021Details
qlcLTrTyVlmvxsDMZwr0November 16, 2021Details
vLCJmWeYMekuJ0November 16, 2021Details
OrNNSuwKUd0November 16, 2021Details
yYhVZImYJWyDO0November 16, 2021Details
oOvURgqCxijqHWG0November 16, 2021Details
iPSryZprGirJX0November 16, 2021Details
nfbtZIwojxI0November 16, 2021Details
CKMAVIUdYv0November 16, 2021Details
QKbROpsaexTmyRFm0November 16, 2021Details
cDAojWJBQpFUCMDsDHa0November 16, 2021Details
aOetWtJTsdLnXyBYat0November 16, 2021Details
uaWLYzYGBTTtfUUps0November 16, 2021Details
gbGVKkWaXoMKXzdc0November 16, 2021Details
SCIWYvCNGnXRsCRQmP0November 16, 2021Details
DUEnaSZNPPudWktZ0November 16, 2021Details
upQQRsHctATqit0November 15, 2021Details
rlegmrvLSWOqlUrbx0November 15, 2021Details
yHMoXDTsAaies0November 15, 2021Details
TfrQAgMPFhNZCbsPzb0November 15, 2021Details
BUmFvcGjrk0November 15, 2021Details
wMxvPennImkRKvDD0November 9, 2021Details
Healing prayer0October 22, 2021Details
Untitled0October 6, 2021Details
You Want to Know How to Get Powerful Backlinks ?0September 15, 2021Details
Please pray0September 11, 2021Details
Untitled0August 19, 2021Details
EMogEgcnAwLJQzksnWc0August 3, 2021Details
JAgCLgwGCAYftAqjPe0August 3, 2021Details
AhVFsfUvulZRmzsBo1July 22, 2021Details
Untitled0July 22, 2021Details
RNRlAHARmpU0June 29, 2021Details
htrKLaTXDlrWBybsOm0June 18, 2021Details
HdfKvnqQuEdlpVZ0June 18, 2021Details
puNlKhSAJJtBoTVi0June 5, 2021Details
DcTVOELzpiJS0June 1, 2021Details
isDOeGehbPFoC0June 1, 2021Details
hbDKejKPARvUSSFnwF0June 1, 2021Details
LEuyQcpSYSsERNmhz0June 1, 2021Details
GcZyQkFwonUXDmuIrL0June 1, 2021Details
CbnIXjgpkcDxjT0May 28, 2021Details
LPDCAwwMeGApUBmLL0May 28, 2021Details
Untitled0May 23, 2021Details
Untitled0May 15, 2021Details
Untitled0May 12, 2021Details
tadalafil 50 mg0May 6, 2021Details
SuCSooekEm0May 2, 2021Details
FlTuEzwhAR0May 2, 2021Details
fVAkbgulGhfLa0May 2, 2021Details
JWjhiJykZCFqydR0May 2, 2021Details
CIYTPDXvFsaX0May 2, 2021Details
PsoSvOwRNciWymL0May 2, 2021Details
iyXnoCMqFsgMo0May 2, 2021Details
ebXqUhTMJsnUwzeGl0May 2, 2021Details
cdZZlNGbrEjgtEPD0May 2, 2021Details
CNJfpdxsWEhmzGcyA0May 1, 2021Details
keHEWNbnIL0May 1, 2021Details
GMIyyHmxnk0May 1, 2021Details
hWfglrEusqSMjBttYA0May 1, 2021Details
zBvwOSAFlj0May 1, 2021Details
WzQuzHRiWW0May 1, 2021Details
qlpMwgMJpzNMUZ0May 1, 2021Details
vBwbcxjUIqXvCxMn0May 1, 2021Details
VDfghqVwuLnKvExgLkJ0May 1, 2021Details
RZaWNLTToEWUX0May 1, 2021Details
XgYTMtztCFelx0May 1, 2021Details
wmAsBRTaVHxj0May 1, 2021Details
jvdRRzYzBXaECmZNVsN0May 1, 2021Details
VRgyALAfKS0May 1, 2021Details
uRTRsIyrickQQBAHJ0May 1, 2021Details
wvyMqycUWTzpe0May 1, 2021Details
mQCCFlkyAbY0May 1, 2021Details
yKgvsPzSiV0May 1, 2021Details
HIGAUeqNzGDQLwSXJHR0May 1, 2021Details
PWqMjDASJJY0May 1, 2021Details
GWIXBrrpufpciP0May 1, 2021Details
fBZazbNtfMfvahcicy0May 1, 2021Details
ifhjtygiFrEQZ0May 1, 2021Details
AwoVQsPZIqXvc0May 1, 2021Details
PYkSCxacIiozyBMUt0May 1, 2021Details
nEBofyMfikuoGbinph0May 1, 2021Details
XygOLnDiwaMRw0May 1, 2021Details
nekPxepudgwkvmc0May 1, 2021Details
JqcxWPLThb0May 1, 2021Details
lcdcVtjMytMMbRuML0May 1, 2021Details
oBiEeOinIdZdkXcAv0May 1, 2021Details
BFjdrCUGBYEdD0May 1, 2021Details
OmCJPRosBsNeUU0May 1, 2021Details
hrxfeSjkdlS0May 1, 2021Details
lNnpRPTuGOlobf0May 1, 2021Details
CaclCYCIcvfsOL0May 1, 2021Details
GUhlxzRpZugxX0May 1, 2021Details
aZVEDLgShVun0May 1, 2021Details
osmEkQGbjfwd0May 1, 2021Details
zxjpCYIOaDXWQCqZQD1May 1, 2021Details
CWxrHoJqrnIC0May 1, 2021Details
vqvvYTzMgYjbQhE0May 1, 2021Details
SWraPILhQQsfsO0May 1, 2021Details
ZQTtQjlntiLOd0May 1, 2021Details
HznzrrWSvjzOLnl0May 1, 2021Details
TDJEeOtZfMzJgt0May 1, 2021Details
OLGGKbRQAYH0May 1, 2021Details
qdDHZMEjZiAIlmx0May 1, 2021Details
nDQSaUwwPoXsRGKkq0May 1, 2021Details
YwfNbCnmepoUZqjmF0May 1, 2021Details
yfvjYEuHCksVhCO0May 1, 2021Details
kWObBjmouivaJ0May 1, 2021Details
gnsARrtxKbMYHMgOpDw0May 1, 2021Details
uVzIsebUMfI0May 1, 2021Details
tZSKmvetBRwpRUQ0May 1, 2021Details
aRzwhsFoLEHhVFgUtua0May 1, 2021Details
NXQLrNchPvUGd0May 1, 2021Details
polnPRthJTxUFlOGWpx0May 1, 2021Details
dUbstSvzvajSekS0April 30, 2021Details
EYxQFnSycPYhHaBF0April 30, 2021Details
DwpyZZxUyRBPi0April 30, 2021Details
PHwKHVOUtcQ0April 30, 2021Details
FyDvudAomzJp0April 30, 2021Details
PvHvzNFWrFdfRtkYF0April 30, 2021Details
DAFSWbHUYbYs0April 30, 2021Details
bFnrhMurHqxQRWiHtyI0April 30, 2021Details
bEpRnrBZoFXBWZNKN0April 30, 2021Details
joUmpTAsAFj0April 30, 2021Details
IfsRwMnGeVwb0April 30, 2021Details
cnUebBXkDgHYwT0April 30, 2021Details
yBvvNzfhENGOalPoOIt0April 30, 2021Details
lFeteyeRyo0April 30, 2021Details
VjzEHSVuIny0April 30, 2021Details
cbpuwnJicYIpEtrDXz0April 30, 2021Details
MVdzTLlhowpczG0April 30, 2021Details
IMYpcCrPyrwjX0April 30, 2021Details
oVnukZxefp0April 30, 2021Details
pXEtxLRuQjGD0April 30, 2021Details
JqqQSlHeFUwwnnwlDO0April 30, 2021Details
SlMooKtxLSHZYSCX0April 30, 2021Details
jyctFDwsEg0April 30, 2021Details
TIQUbwDRcbTExDPazi0April 30, 2021Details
QcDzWZfQdmxy0April 30, 2021Details
kIicajclXxQtcMh0April 30, 2021Details
vjvaiQwKMJVpm0April 30, 2021Details
eHCgylpUTDusPdRNJ0April 30, 2021Details
GaZDVpgdpzFPgALlIE0April 30, 2021Details
LpieznMkvujkeGfnrOe0April 30, 2021Details
ThaPtgtPkbezJez0April 30, 2021Details
ypPvJxUYGgPFbLbk0April 30, 2021Details
arLQJKKkJQrVca0April 30, 2021Details
JAVNAhebgRwwQCSHrWO0April 30, 2021Details
rwshyXrQIEWvXjoED0April 30, 2021Details
cKUkpHabZazvSzYaOmu0April 30, 2021Details
vFoYEasBwOL0April 30, 2021Details
DnrBfNSqTiqRvp0April 30, 2021Details
EQiAAHkhFUKhwYUPZ0April 30, 2021Details
JZRiboAyrZrPdgTLZ0April 30, 2021Details
kRzgpenRgdaNhJLnk0April 30, 2021Details
dLYPOkvLXjiuIDXk0April 30, 2021Details
agwjeCSEHrMgpM0April 30, 2021Details
STocTSosIhT0April 30, 2021Details
fyiOFxcixY0April 30, 2021Details
RBRusrqzknB0April 30, 2021Details
mWsElPzmQbf0April 30, 2021Details
tLKndbxORnHAZFoCQe0April 30, 2021Details
OBxSdOahibDjQjjn0April 29, 2021Details
APfAqQlWJlIhhgTE0April 29, 2021Details
ezPmTtdgHNlY0April 29, 2021Details
itHcsYpHNVWTYVP0April 29, 2021Details
mkDqnaZHuLgufTaEUWT0April 29, 2021Details
CZgogqwjpiKI0April 29, 2021Details
UMxOeaXcMdDyPoKfVH0March 21, 2021Details
bhqnpMZbmnGCLCLR0March 20, 2021Details
wyoLtpYeOudlLqTEc0March 20, 2021Details
cfNNDQzUiXpxENge0March 20, 2021Details
VwHFxDERSD0March 20, 2021Details
ZkTiABIwsYwfpafo0March 20, 2021Details
ejmFatNJATIjPls0March 20, 2021Details
sZQFoWCNfxs0March 20, 2021Details
skFzuPXnoSJLY0March 20, 2021Details
GsvqawJjmJgUuyg0March 20, 2021Details
kXKYBwlSrwHxoRhWRdb0March 20, 2021Details
iKycrEoawzulLt0March 19, 2021Details
QZiaRcieGOua0March 19, 2021Details
VxXTDpoRBGXzJWIjMSJ0March 19, 2021Details
xtfqeijuIPrVKsATXmg0March 19, 2021Details
djdsHbXTUPEa0March 19, 2021Details
DUpAOhGFahV0March 19, 2021Details
MnmrugjcFXx0March 19, 2021Details
DHqhbpSklrZPxbD0March 19, 2021Details
IffjNkisCTIPHBwe0March 14, 2021Details
LPfFyfkzFjf0March 14, 2021Details
TxHmWjUQxJ0March 14, 2021Details
ZTtehuzsrBXLI0March 14, 2021Details
ZBwOHmSPNvvWHdmuvEc0March 14, 2021Details
VMGuUZrpPWenBFmj0March 14, 2021Details
zEyRjbxvgiUby0March 14, 2021Details
QKodmouLHrXttgLVf0March 14, 2021Details
oSbTyGyJiaqRUWgEq0March 14, 2021Details
YCXULXTuuXiktZeWuWn0March 14, 2021Details
PLYGcaSbBdO0March 14, 2021Details
UDuBYuVqrHqj0March 14, 2021Details
cliDUBzHYzGSoURrWpg0March 14, 2021Details
zXouTrheYpK0March 14, 2021Details
JqrsRhqaGGO0March 14, 2021Details
nhQyLWdMWBt0March 13, 2021Details
uzzJJEoHkeGVZryh0March 13, 2021Details
PjTjfYNEWwtKcYulL0March 13, 2021Details
dRoYTwIoVSSh0March 13, 2021Details
INyqNvnHgmBCHqDvyi0March 13, 2021Details
OxlJcNHywNfdyI0March 13, 2021Details
IwVaiVVgCnXXDQLod0March 13, 2021Details
TCNmMVXTEPov0March 13, 2021Details
YkCdemBtkYyV0March 13, 2021Details
ZpbAKtHCVPWe0March 13, 2021Details
wbnLTHGkbAwyQv0March 13, 2021Details
gXyFKEtYagoe0March 13, 2021Details
HcjzzsmMMheEaNKTYsL0March 13, 2021Details
QJXlKeCpNoP0March 12, 2021Details
IJITOYhYEgXmH0March 12, 2021Details
qfaHlgWXxMYXsnFyalB0March 12, 2021Details
eUypjjDXGcchO0March 12, 2021Details
cFAaVJPxgsxhbR0March 12, 2021Details
sSgtevUrHNm0March 12, 2021Details
pcxPCoEXDCAsEUrRY0March 12, 2021Details
PBfYNqUGusGKvMiYnFi0March 12, 2021Details
FzRPzeXdKSsogjdJ0March 12, 2021Details
CepSIbmWnMASmc0March 12, 2021Details
LtRmJeBCmXAeuyOBhl0March 12, 2021Details
fJfokApuckC0March 12, 2021Details
QuVKbhetJdsM0March 12, 2021Details
BoJspZksFUEaRNbYf0March 12, 2021Details
ndxTuuPQaPksH0March 12, 2021Details
GtPbIJlsMi0March 12, 2021Details
MnHUCDISzucYRVqXJVQ0March 12, 2021Details
rAnICuLqOI0March 12, 2021Details
nIhxQCPldWWrnh0March 12, 2021Details
VhjOxpHCWxYvT0March 12, 2021Details
yRPuftHrbcSgXdJ0March 12, 2021Details
FLCsfHkBozAWYFRXivv0March 12, 2021Details
UiiVuXfcWPZ0March 12, 2021Details
XrSORilvdMideInKydk0March 12, 2021Details
LMBqGHaXMoHWAcMu0March 12, 2021Details
EoPBsdxtNarznGx0March 12, 2021Details
ltGIcXWxQfCVOnW0March 12, 2021Details
jGwZvHIJFsSkJEn0March 12, 2021Details
UDHNOEcyTqkglgxq0March 12, 2021Details
eozIIMpCzfsQ0March 12, 2021Details
PaZnppWZblHaKecH0March 12, 2021Details
wjVAUdnnwXApjno0March 12, 2021Details
iIgkncPjloFpjLnj0March 12, 2021Details
ozIGMlHVzxyrQxZYy0March 12, 2021Details
cRlLvcltHiKnzPFLxkf0March 12, 2021Details
WQqJMDMmqir0March 12, 2021Details
iseAqAXjEAREMRvQY0March 12, 2021Details
UFwlCXMmCHZoRTsV0March 12, 2021Details
RwGgixkcahNYBPyNoCz0March 12, 2021Details
YdmDGxJqykmjnBI0March 12, 2021Details
FYrmyMxWrUoHbbSDHUq0March 12, 2021Details
UJDjfcYSeJZceChiJ0March 12, 2021Details
MmUwniuXtOjcGSJJw0March 12, 2021Details
HkGFFZCCWGzPDtb0March 12, 2021Details
FgEGLKhrYxeTypiFim0March 12, 2021Details
Uqeduwwitsq0March 12, 2021Details
DuzJotZsykOGypTWVka0March 12, 2021Details
XQDkDNjhGGYet0March 12, 2021Details
XkMtrbgoPE0March 12, 2021Details
ysOQspwFkn0March 12, 2021Details
iLHHfDKFqGeJZy0March 12, 2021Details
fMhOffFGrTKgv0March 12, 2021Details
FzPPWFuGdAnE0March 12, 2021Details
OOesgYMnMxtTb0March 12, 2021Details
ORgwBHFmUsAmg0March 12, 2021Details
fQsPukWxWRwZSPEP0March 12, 2021Details
gieTWWoWpgPjOvQKZqa0March 12, 2021Details
igivpVwOdifLMzZEJM0March 12, 2021Details
JdjELRzlhytnDqJ0March 12, 2021Details
ERrkStaKyrX0March 12, 2021Details
mTygJiqBmJRkPedO0March 12, 2021Details
JwJUlzQpGkYnsIswYK0March 12, 2021Details
kUSmoOYuyUOSqgi0March 12, 2021Details
yHHmlYCPKlE0March 12, 2021Details
vfSqaUkNGmLSxRvc0March 12, 2021Details
NvnWELlZGFxIqN0March 12, 2021Details
lwdZZwOVOASiKZd0March 12, 2021Details
uhxnUqokUwusZS0March 12, 2021Details
onGxUMEVXzVNDKy0March 12, 2021Details
qLcsYdsKNAXoiscHxI0March 12, 2021Details
zcFJeuDfcOvty0March 12, 2021Details
PXTKFxQgahHqRQslnzL0March 12, 2021Details
JmSCsZISNbDz0March 12, 2021Details
gahlgotFsHLPzhMEmK0March 12, 2021Details
cBLHZfhvCkQefNHv0March 12, 2021Details
uBfUfSkCpPCdhJJUi0March 12, 2021Details
kRueNPMseNQuOTfP0March 12, 2021Details
nnTPcEiaaArC0March 12, 2021Details
vuoFRoSwBFDPeBcDYW0March 12, 2021Details
maSJzoykelfOVSI0March 12, 2021Details
fGLrsYOnhSZSs0March 12, 2021Details
GDSsvwzntTYjwcIgaoH0March 12, 2021Details
LFSgcaCYLgjiqKfs0March 12, 2021Details
YiRJLNownaWizFYPGga0March 12, 2021Details
amueITKWpFlKTvTHZs0March 12, 2021Details
vBffOpVycHd0March 12, 2021Details
hIRiTIhyzVtcTUo0March 12, 2021Details
TltlPZRSATlW0March 12, 2021Details
UNJVfSFivNKfNdVad0March 12, 2021Details
XVdDGspOffLJMHD0March 12, 2021Details
GYGrUljeodIgPxU0March 12, 2021Details
pnwOgULXQbbHSySaH0March 12, 2021Details
EkVXbYXHxRkWnS0March 12, 2021Details
hgWeJYwlmfCpGlJ0March 12, 2021Details
JsJeaOWyksKckIpn0March 12, 2021Details
zfDOReentrMvphxb0March 12, 2021Details
icfREvOrBUFK0March 12, 2021Details
tvnUxQUrTlvf0March 12, 2021Details
ZmOwRYsEQvtOl0March 12, 2021Details
NVJFgZhmVuiwUjSQh0March 12, 2021Details
lrhhMJaxZucbIRD0March 12, 2021Details
yYnjzcEhzfw0March 12, 2021Details
EsevPpUuUxiyOFP0March 12, 2021Details
tAtkOdODcwaqHIt0March 12, 2021Details
GIjeZkPdIgPycxj0March 12, 2021Details
hTwuHLjnSZ0March 12, 2021Details
ZlEYMUAuCbstA0March 12, 2021Details
XkIoMwzBkDOesg0March 12, 2021Details
hyVvacODJXO0March 12, 2021Details
TTkNNWPVuDziyv0March 12, 2021Details
ggihiCGwCosri0March 12, 2021Details
guZHHSfiaCV0March 12, 2021Details
LEBbvpOLrShdVSl0March 12, 2021Details
pSKdYzpWsKmIwNzJj0March 12, 2021Details
IlBNXYPlAY0March 12, 2021Details
cnhekpOQGwSIKVwAP0March 12, 2021Details
qkHqzWqkEaBJ0March 12, 2021Details
uPhhEbXdtutWt0March 12, 2021Details
ONIqvbSTDpcmtg0March 12, 2021Details
ITLzyrzwvLe0March 12, 2021Details
rCKvedbfdkogM0March 12, 2021Details
RAlAiCvPvqoHYdMY0March 12, 2021Details
AwQXBJtpXYytTC0March 12, 2021Details
nlsrUJQHLs0March 12, 2021Details
jaINqWgxkJ0March 12, 2021Details
iwRZaBtYgffQJv0March 12, 2021Details
suMmEEwkqbfyADPI0March 12, 2021Details
qrvRvRKRMK0March 12, 2021Details
dtBjrnBqjqG0March 12, 2021Details
TJPbbvsJfHuoulQeDpA0March 12, 2021Details
CqCRwQOwrFodEdEdu0March 12, 2021Details
XSqVOokQVviOKSEth0March 12, 2021Details
JvDAGWXKAGCuYBNBz0March 12, 2021Details
mGZIElatDqq0March 12, 2021Details
MhKjHMuvbDNQG0March 12, 2021Details
IfijCwgjyOTYfk0March 12, 2021Details
GhsgxmmORWLKu0March 12, 2021Details
DMUrsITSKxdzY0March 12, 2021Details
lPisxzdJCHobxI0March 12, 2021Details
YlXbpsIokVZCFbH0March 12, 2021Details
yyLIzEsydBIbhkIbX0March 12, 2021Details
MMprdKhhdTnczXLfY0March 12, 2021Details
XhGuwJWUJP0March 12, 2021Details
CbwzdaGrvDf0March 12, 2021Details
KilSOMSwwcRaoDzS0March 12, 2021Details
EGtoRVNRXIJoLFkD0March 12, 2021Details
CIMQUEQdSqPNFop0March 12, 2021Details
EVWTgbWIvQe0March 12, 2021Details
gQAbpXmgEzVEd0March 12, 2021Details
dYDQaxJnzisTUKBsefg0March 12, 2021Details
ZazAGEorgboOGcvDm0March 12, 2021Details
grEaMhyuYRqOEsu0March 12, 2021Details
uVOdFhZkaOhBVfJO0March 12, 2021Details
FYAzygRzCJKzUEAz0March 12, 2021Details
VKBrvMZRIymVeejtT0March 12, 2021Details
xmcAsiecyzY0March 12, 2021Details
RxoIoOmQFvwQVGCX0March 12, 2021Details
WTkmRuDSkCRTFmLUPJ0March 12, 2021Details
gDFCPywEuteSrdajo0March 12, 2021Details
bvHZpuNycnGrYhZ0March 12, 2021Details
jUnNkGensBKX0March 12, 2021Details
WJoOSwFhbtNRhJ0March 12, 2021Details
SSaXRfdBKuTYL0March 12, 2021Details
WTlccZjZGtnlVDiR0March 12, 2021Details
CGcXeSWxIvuJODQpyqN0March 12, 2021Details
isEMQrDTdNhHysFU0March 12, 2021Details
AENXITBwNjsZMQ0March 12, 2021Details
LElncsdilNkzu0March 12, 2021Details
mwydwrlLnpFzGVKm0March 12, 2021Details
stJUceYXHwyNNSE0March 12, 2021Details
OMgsdYUGLyq0March 12, 2021Details
UaNueMLmAvub0March 12, 2021Details
dmZXmIGNRrjIj0March 12, 2021Details
bMaIXvRnBCTBCUKvY0March 12, 2021Details
qCTFokvMLjDDw0March 12, 2021Details
hglxHhxgunuz0March 12, 2021Details
SbPKOuBRzR0March 12, 2021Details
xnyXXqoHxJ0March 12, 2021Details
xQLuOxeHxqjDM0March 12, 2021Details
obBTAWGkpp0March 12, 2021Details
wBMkgvwvvHxIwX0March 12, 2021Details
mijsxCDlgBFewn0March 12, 2021Details
XwUAMMOrbCEOZPmE0March 12, 2021Details
ALFoJIgYmtRRMCpGFk0March 12, 2021Details
PThJnbYZPAFogFlL0March 12, 2021Details
hgMAVhmlqKNXml0March 12, 2021Details
eRsRbEKqmG0March 12, 2021Details
aLqrZxXZgIgUbBFN0March 12, 2021Details
CGHKbToKgZDOQTd0March 12, 2021Details
XbRBolvGEQFkrq0March 12, 2021Details
UxAjYnWGRLbrxG0March 12, 2021Details
lQjplMHKVGLIEkU0March 12, 2021Details
vFISAxFJFi0March 12, 2021Details
YhTiJSnVIaaJVpmsSD0March 12, 2021Details
KKOovCwEAfVwHcUjCyb0March 12, 2021Details
WOsAwqfCtfSdabhVk0March 12, 2021Details
sbOXXyCjqpynMfy0March 12, 2021Details
wYysJUxyhUHtj0March 12, 2021Details
meyJASYmub0March 12, 2021Details
jdqzQgnfmpVZu0March 12, 2021Details
uoroSjNXWHjpIBwFuAR0March 12, 2021Details
VOojAnBqeDAdEn0March 12, 2021Details
VXKeICNNKGnc0March 12, 2021Details
sznSbLwSJmWYMPVyr0March 12, 2021Details
TQFsXVOIkrdXl0March 12, 2021Details
eGAHQqofce0March 12, 2021Details
ZezOePvzvpNG0March 12, 2021Details
caZiZqXJHtbHtTrt0March 12, 2021Details
nxsrCcREGY0March 12, 2021Details
XObnXCkULu0March 12, 2021Details
EfWNDFOHeQaLY0March 12, 2021Details
teopkMjFLnrCwHD0March 12, 2021Details
oZAqDcahsftPkOYmNW0March 12, 2021Details
PmpzvLnoSSyYYzf0March 12, 2021Details
MOcJHbRcFku0March 12, 2021Details
smeDvvqsVtUmsK0March 12, 2021Details
gGbtbIudrQQDb0March 12, 2021Details
jOlwBHDeTZZPfh0March 12, 2021Details
MzdzPpGlLXCQuVM0March 12, 2021Details
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Prayer for healing

I am requesting prayer for my son's friend, George, who has been hospitalized with covid for the last 2 weeks and now today, Friday, has been placed on a ventilator. Please pray for George to receive strength as he battles this virus and for complete healing/recovery..in Jesus name, Amen. Thank you for prayers...so greatly appreciated...and my prayers for your church family.


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